Top 10 Reasons to Do a Fall Cleanse

Woot Woot!   Finally, Dr. Elise is on Facebook!

I now have a Facebook page where I am posting daily health tidbits like news items related to health and wellbeing, health tips, recipes and also some personal experiences that might relate to your health as well.  Check it out here: Dr. Elise on Facebook.

In other news: it’s time for the Annual Fall Cleanse!

September is one of my favorite months here in Portland. The skies are mostly sunny with some big puffy clouds, the rain is at a minimum, and the mood is happy and motivated.  It’s the perfect time to get some new habits under your belt before the holidays roll around.  However, if that’s not enough motivation, here are 10 other reasons you might consider joining me this year.

Top 10 Reasons to Join Our Fall Cleanse

  1. Lose 5 to 10 pounds
  2. Increase energy
  3. Kickstart the new school year/fall season with healthy habits
  4. Preconception detox  (see preconception blog)
  5. Motivation to make dietary changes
  6. For a clear mind and better mood
  7. Better digestion
  8. Get more out of workouts
  9. Boost immunity for the upcoming cold and allergy season
  10. Improve sleep

Really, any reason you can come up with is a good reason to join this cleanse. To read more about why I choose to cleanse, see my blog from last fall here Fall cleanse . The benefits go far beyond just how you feel at the time of the diet change. You will experience better energy, improved digestion, and so much more.  Ultimately, it’s a fantastic way to create new habits that can last throughout the year.
This fall’s cleanse will include an introductory class wherein I will explain the details of the plan.  This class will be held Saturday, September 29th, at Blossom Clinic.  It is important to attend this meeting to find out what to eat and what activities to do while you are cleansing.

Included in the cleanse package are the following.

  1. Introductory class
  2. Individual appointment with me to personalize your cleanse to meet your personal health needs
  3. Two acupuncture treatments with one of Blossom’s fabulous acupuncturists
  4. One final end-of-cleanse appointment to review your experience and symptoms and set a plan for maintaining the benefits you have gained from the cleanse
  5. One container of a detoxifying medical smoothie mix that will be used as a food supplement during the cleanse
  6. One bag of herbal detox tea

To sign up for the cleanse class, call Blossom directly at 503.287.0886 or schedule online.

*If you can’t make it to the intro class, give Blossom a call or email and we can discuss your options.

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