Accepting Insurance and Moving Clinic Location!


Dear Wonderful Patients,

I am excited to tell you about a few changes to my practice. First, I am moving to a new office. Starting August 10th I will be seeing patients at Bambu Clinic.  This is a full-service naturopathic clinic, which means I will be able to offer in –office blood draws, annual exams, birth control options and more. The clinic is located in downtown Portland at SW 1st and SW Taylor Street and as an added bonus , Bambu validates parking for all Smart Park garages and the closest one is just 3 blocks away at 4th and SW Yamhill.

Another positive development is that I can now accept most insurance. This is big news as many of you have had to submit your own claims over the years.  For those whose insurance provides coverage for naturopathic care, I will bill the insurance for you. I currently accept the following insurance, provided you have naturopathic coverage as part of your plan: Aetna, Cigna, First Choice, Lifewise, Moda, Pacific Source, Providence, Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield and United Health Care.

For your fertility focused acupuncture needs, I will continue to collaborate with Liz and Morgan at Blossom. We have a proven track record working together which has resulted in many satisfied patients over the years and we are all pleased to continue this relationship.

My last day seeing patients at Blossom will be August 5th and starting on August 10th you will find me at Bambu where I will be seeing patients on Monday afternoons and all day Wednesdays. I will also continue to be available for phone or Skype visits

Wishing you good health and a great summer,

Dr Elise


Dr. Elise Schroeder

Mondays 2-5:30   and   Wednesdays 9:30-5:30

Bambu Clinic 838 SW 1st Ave Ste 330 Portland OR 97204     503-274-9360


New Hours! New Services!

Dr. Elise’s expanded hours at Blossom Clinic:

Monday · 12 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Wednesday · 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Friday · 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Schedule an appointment:

Blossom Clinic website
☏ 503.287.0886

In addition to general women’s healthcare, Dr. Elise is now also offering Holistic Pelvic Care™ therapy, which is a gentle internal body work technique that is designed to evaluate, restore balance, and enhance circulation in the pelvic space.

Give the gift of good health! Please refer your friends and family. Each month, Dr. Elise welcomes a few motivated new patients into her practice, as her longterm patients keep getting healthier!

Please use the following form to submit any questions.


Male Fertility: It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Right

If you are like most couples, you are spending a lot of time, energy, and potentially a lot of money on testing and treating the woman. With 50% of infertility cases having some male factor, you might be missing the mark. Male factor infertility is cheaper and easier to diagnose and often can be addressed by naturopathic treatments such as diet improvements, herbal medicine, and a few choice supplements.

Testing for male fertility does seem to be a barrier for some men. Many labs and fertility clinics will now allow men to bring their semen sample in to the clinic rather than produce it on site, provided the specimen is maintained at body temperature and delivered in a timely manner. Check with your local lab for more information on specimen handling.

When sperm is tested, the lab looks at three main things: sperm count, morphology, and mobility.

Sperm count is the number of sperm observed in the sample. A normal result is considered above 39 million per ejaculate. Note that the median levels reported by the World Health Organization are 255 million per ejaculate. This means that when sperm count is below 255 million, it is below average.

Morphology refers to the shape of the sperm. Subpar morphology indicates DNA problems. A normal shaped sperm has a smooth oval head with a long tail attached to its base. Morphology of the sample is considered normal if 4% or more of the sample has this shape. Abnormalities that sperm might exhibit include a crooked double tail or a head malformation. The sperm tail propels it forward toward the egg for conception; if it is malformed, transit to the egg can be disrupted. The head of the sperm penetrates the egg; if it is malformed, penetration can be prevented.

Mobility refers to how the sperm are “swimming.” Good swimmers move quickly and in the correct direction while bad swimmers move slowly or not at all. Strong mobility is considered more than 50%.

Prevention Is the Best Cure

Common causes for problems with sperm include DNA damage, genetic predisposition, and hormone production. In a typical and uncomplicated case, all of the sperm issues — mobility, morphology, and count — can be improved.

Pesticides – Many studies have documented the effects that exposure to pesticides has on sperm. These chemicals can cause a decrease in sperm count and change in morphology and can affect testosterone production. It is important to eat organic whenever possible. Check out the EWG dirty dozen and clean fifteen to find out which foods are most important to get organic.

Bisphenol A – This chemical is found in plastics and is recognized by the body as an estrogen. Reduced exposure can improve sperm quality and count. Avoid eating or drinking out of plastic containers, limit your exposure to receipts (yes, receipts contain bisphenol A), and avoid using other plastic items as well, such as plastic forks and spoons and plastic bags.

Radiation – Get the laptops off the lap! Take the cell phone out of the pocket! Laptops and smart phones emit large amounts of radiation and should not be placed directly on top of or nearby the sperm production house, the testes.

Quit smoking – The chemicals in cigarettes are cellular oxidants and cause DNA damage. For the best quality sperm, don’t smoke!

Which Supplements Help?


found in colorful fruits and vegetables and can counteract the harmful effects of smoking, pesticides, and other DNA-damaging chemicals

L carnitine

amino acid regarded for improving sperm quality and sperm count

CO Q 10

potent antioxidant that can help improve sperm quality (commonly used, especially by older men)


South American herb that has been shown to improve libido, sperm quality, and sperm count (great fertility herb!)

No two people are alike. Improving sperm quality and count requires an individualized approach. To make an appointment with Dr. Elise, contact Blossom Clinic.

Blossom Clinic website
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It Takes Two

Taking Care Before You Conceive: Preconception Health

poppy bloomingThere is a lot of information out there about what to do with our diet and what vitamins to take once we are pregnant. However, what about the months before pregnancy? Does that time matter? Some say yes indeed it does. Let’s take a minute to think about that.

During pregnancy a woman’s body provides not only nutrition to the growing fetus, it also is the environment in which the fetus lives.  Before conception, a woman’s diet,  her environment, and what she is exposed to can affect the health and quality of the ovum, or the egg.  The quality of the ovum, will determine the health of her baby.  This is called epigenetics.  Epi what?  Basically, epigenetics refers to the way the genes form and are expressed.  The development of the egg/ovum can be effected by many external environmental or dietary factors.  To read more about epigenetics, check out the blog entry Epigenetics: Beyond Heredity.

What does all this mean? It is important to take care of your body before pregnancy.

We are what we eat.  I mean that quite literally, as every cell in our body is made up of the building blocks we give it (food).  Other things can affect the health of a cell as well — toxins, pollutants, and xenoestrogens (hormone disruptors), to name a few. So, we aren’t just what we eat, we are also where we live, what we choose to put on our skin, the air we breathe, and more!

Of interest is that such factors as food and environment are not just important today but for many days to follow.  The life cycles of cells in our bodies are varied — blood cells live for about 100 days, a skin cell lives about 20 days, and an ovum (egg) takes about three months to go from hibernation to ovulation. Our cells are comprised of what we have eaten and been exposed to in at least the last three months.  Therefore, we are not just what we eat today but also what we have eaten the last three months!

Why not take a few months before trying to conceive to prep the body for this very important time in your baby’s life? Optimize your egg quality, baby’s environment, and building blocks by improving your health. See your naturopathic doctor at least three months prior to trying to conceive for a treatment plan that can help you do this. Or, if you are already trying to conceive, see your naturopath now for tips on how to maximize your body’s fertility signals and the pregnancy environment. It’s the ultimate in preventative care!

The side effects of such treatments and caring for your body — increased energy, healthier looking skin and nails, improved moods, fewer aches and pains, and feeling great in general — hmmmdoesn’t sound that bad, does it?

Tune in next time for Part Two of this blog on preconception: Optimizing Hormone Balance to Improve Fertility.

To make an appointment with Dr. Schroeder, please call Blossom Clinic at 503.287.0886.

Perimenopause? What’s Up with That?

Menopause may be far off, but there are solutions to your symptoms now!

Pink Lotus

You’re not in menopause yet, you still get your period every month, but certain things are changing. You have weight gain in areas you never used to, you have episodes of insomnia, your so-called “PMS” is happening unpredictably and is sometimes more intense, and your libido is not what it once was…. What’s happening? You’re in perimenopause.

Perimenopause can start 10 years before true menopause hits. Some women start to experience hormones changes as early as 35 years old. During this pre-menopause time, periods still occur and pregnancy is possible; however, hormone production fluctuates and can be normal one month and subpar the next.

Changes in Estrogen and Progesterone production can cause symptoms such as anxiety, sleep disruption, irritability, occasional hot flashes, libido changes, and period changes. These changes start slowly and sort of creep up, when suddenly the realization hits —

“I don’t feel like myself! What’s going on? I’m too young for menopause!”

Well, first off, don’t worry! There is a solution. The silver lining is that these years provide an opportunity to focus on optimizing health to maintain youthful vibrancy now and until the last period has come and gone. Perimenopause can up to 10 years; during this time, women have the chance to influence the quality of their health for the rest of their lives.

Insomnia, Mood Changes, and Headaches
These are some of the uncomfortable symptoms of hormone imbalance. By optimizing hormone production in the body, these symptoms can simply slip away.
Bone Health
During the transition to menopause, women can lose a significant amount of bone density. This is preventable by taking care to get the right vitamins and minerals, doing the right kind of exercise and maintaining hormone balance.
Prevent Weight Gain in Menopause
Once menopause hits, its much harder to lose weight and much easier to gain. Fat cells are a source of estrogen in the body, so it is common to hold on to weight more easily. Unwanted weight gain can be prevented by taking care of your metabolism in Perimenopause.
Reduce Severity of Menopause Symptoms and Ease the Transition
Uncomfortable symptoms in perimenopause are a warning sign of what is to come. Taking care to balance hormones during these years can ease this transition and help avoid unwanted symptoms from occurring.

Okay, it’s perimenopause. Now what?

To help balance hormones, Dr. Elise uses a natural approach with a combination of lifestyle changes, dietary modifications, herbs, and sometimes low dose bio-identical hormone replacement. With each individual, the treatment plan is unique, the common thread being improved wellbeing, vitality, reduction in unwanted symptoms, and a big sigh of relief. There is a solution!

If you or someone you know is dealing with perimenopause symptoms and is looking for a solution, call today for an appointment or with any questions you have regarding treatment. You can schedule a visit at Blossom Clinic in Portland, OR, or call for a phone consultation.

Blossom Clinic website
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Top Five Cold and Flu Prevention Strategies and 10% Off Immune Support Products

1. Wash Your Hands! It’s easy to forget the basics. According to the World Health Association, washing your hands can reduce your chances of getting respiratory infection by 24%. It’s best to use soap and water and lather up for a minimum of 30 seconds; however, if hand sanitizer is your only option, use it, but do so sparingly.

2. Sleep. For prevention of or treating a cold, get your eight hours a night (or more!). The immune system works at night, while we sleep. So, give up your evening TV show or post-dinner work session and get to bed early!

3. Food is powerful. You are what you eat!

  • Eliminate all white sugar (small amounts of honey, stevia, or maple syrup are OK). Sugar can literally slow down the functioning of your white blood cells.
  • Drink more hot herbal tea and hot water (but not coffee).  Drinking hot fluids can help to reduce a virus’ ability to bind to your throat where it prefers to replicate. So, if you are exposed, drink up! Some teas I like are peppermint, Gypsy Cold Care® by Traditional Medicinals, and Egyptian Licorice® by Yogi Tea. Bulk herbal tea blends are even better. Try a Dr. Elise herbal blend, such as Tummy Tea, Women’s Tea, or Detox Tea.
  • Eat more soups and stews. Soups and stews, especially those made from bone broth, have been shown to improve immunity and shorten the length of a cold.
  • Skip the fruit juice and opt for whole fruits. Fruit juice (e.g., orange juice) is full of fruit sugars, which can hinder immune function in concentrated doses. Next time you’re tempted to pour yourself a tall glass of juice, eat a whole raw piece of fruit instead. If you must drink fruit juice, dilute it 50% with filtered water.

4. Exercise. Another great reason to get out there and move your body is that regular exercise strengthens immunity. What you want to do is walk, swim, or otherwise engage your entire body in movement for a 30- to 40-minute period every other day.  No need to over stress yourself, as a hard workout is not indicated when fighting off a cold. Get out there and move!

5. Herbs and vitamins can provide that needed support. There are a lot of different opinions out there regarding what the best formulas are for treating and preventing viral infections such as the common cold or the flu. In my 12 years of experience experimenting with herbs and vitamins, I have found the following to be the BEST.

  1. Super Bio Vegetarian tablets –– If someone you work with or live with is sick- start taking 1-2 tablets 3 times each day.  If you have already fallen ill, then take 2 tablets every 2 hours for 3 days then reduce to three times a day. If you are pregnant or nursing please do not take this supplement.
  2. Elderberry Elixer (fruit anthocyanins) –– This particular berry syrup is not only delicious, but a potent and effective immune support.  Its easy to take this one because it tastes so good.  Take 1 teaspoon a day  for prevention and 1 teaspoon 3 times a day when sick.
  3. Arctic D Cod Liver Oil –– This liquid form of cod liver oil does not taste overly fishy- it’s palatable and many people enjoy it.  It’s packed with naturally occurring vitamin D and vitamin A, both important for immune function.  Take 1 teaspoon a day for prevention and 2 Tablespoons a day for treatment.  If you are pregnant, stick to 1 teaspoon a day so you don’t get too much vitamin A.

So, there you have it. Five ways to keep your immune system up and running this winter. If you are interested in stocking up on some cold and flu prevention supplements, these three are on sale this month. Get 10% off my favorite three supplements while supplies last!

Cold and Flu Supplements

Top 10 Reasons to Do a Fall Cleanse

Woot Woot!   Finally, Dr. Elise is on Facebook!

I now have a Facebook page where I am posting daily health tidbits like news items related to health and wellbeing, health tips, recipes and also some personal experiences that might relate to your health as well.  Check it out here: Dr. Elise on Facebook.

In other news: it’s time for the Annual Fall Cleanse!

September is one of my favorite months here in Portland. The skies are mostly sunny with some big puffy clouds, the rain is at a minimum, and the mood is happy and motivated.  It’s the perfect time to get some new habits under your belt before the holidays roll around.  However, if that’s not enough motivation, here are 10 other reasons you might consider joining me this year.

Top 10 Reasons to Join Our Fall Cleanse

  1. Lose 5 to 10 pounds
  2. Increase energy
  3. Kickstart the new school year/fall season with healthy habits
  4. Preconception detox  (see preconception blog)
  5. Motivation to make dietary changes
  6. For a clear mind and better mood
  7. Better digestion
  8. Get more out of workouts
  9. Boost immunity for the upcoming cold and allergy season
  10. Improve sleep

Really, any reason you can come up with is a good reason to join this cleanse. To read more about why I choose to cleanse, see my blog from last fall here Fall cleanse . The benefits go far beyond just how you feel at the time of the diet change. You will experience better energy, improved digestion, and so much more.  Ultimately, it’s a fantastic way to create new habits that can last throughout the year.
This fall’s cleanse will include an introductory class wherein I will explain the details of the plan.  This class will be held Saturday, September 29th, at Blossom Clinic.  It is important to attend this meeting to find out what to eat and what activities to do while you are cleansing.

Included in the cleanse package are the following.

  1. Introductory class
  2. Individual appointment with me to personalize your cleanse to meet your personal health needs
  3. Two acupuncture treatments with one of Blossom’s fabulous acupuncturists
  4. One final end-of-cleanse appointment to review your experience and symptoms and set a plan for maintaining the benefits you have gained from the cleanse
  5. One container of a detoxifying medical smoothie mix that will be used as a food supplement during the cleanse
  6. One bag of herbal detox tea

To sign up for the cleanse class, call Blossom directly at 503.287.0886 or schedule online.

*If you can’t make it to the intro class, give Blossom a call or email and we can discuss your options.