Patient Praise

As cliche as it may sound, Dr. Elise has changed my life. I’ve had a variety of hard to treat health issues and I had long given up hope that I could have vibrant health. PCOS and a constellation of related issues led to fertility problems and general poor health. After a year of treatment with Dr. Elise, I have energy again, my cycle is almost regulated (after two decades of unpredictability!) and I’m 80 pounds lighter. Dr. Elise took the time to really listen and create an individualized treatment plan. It shows that she truly cares about her patients’ wellbeing and she has always taken the time to explain the science behind her nutritional guidance and treatments. She knows her stuff when it comes to hormonal and gut issues and I cannot recommend her highly enough!   – N. B.

The awesome Dr Elise is a very cool naturopathic Dr. that seems to have a very balanced approach to things. I respect her advice when she had me on a very restrictive detox/allergen elimination diet told me it’s not something I would have to likely do forever but a way to reset my body & be able to listen what really affects it. She was also very sensitive to my financial issues formulating a plan that focused practical life changes, dietary changes & things I could do inexpensively instead of splashing out on supplements and tests I really didn’t have the income for. I truly appreciated her respecting my wish to be well while not having the means to fund everything I would like.  – B. B.


If you are suffering from hormone/PMS issues, run, don’t walk to see Elise.  I just went there today and so far am impressed.  She really took her time to listen to what I was saying (over 1 1/2 hrs) during the initial consultation.  We’ll see how it goes, but as someone who has been experiencing horrible, horrible mood swings and other issues having to do with what I think is a hormone imbalance, it is worth any price to get it taken care of.  Will let you know how it goes with the follow up and if I experience any relief, but was impressed with my first visit and feel hopeful for the first time in months that I might not have to go through this again. – A S.


I recently finished a detoxification cleanse with Dr. Elise. It was a great experience, with results that far exceeded my expectations! Dr. Elise gave me the information and support that I needed, and I appreciated the emphasis on nurturing oneself. The cleanse helped me reboot and some of the results I experienced were: better sleep, clearer skin, more energy, decreased inflammation, and a clean break from my not-so-healthy cravings. Highly recommend! – L.M.O.


Amazing transformation! As a full time executive with a busy schedule, self-care had fallen to the bottom of the list. Through a developed treatment plan, cleanse, supplements Dr. Elise guided me down the path to healthy renewal. After only 2 months I’ve transitioned from constant fatigue and general ill health to receiving regular compliments about how great I look and healthy weight loss. More importantly my mind is clear and I feel terrific. The cleanse and treatment plan has been easy to follow, even with a busy schedule. -M.C.


Elise is incredibly knowledgable when it comes to a woman’s body and hormones. She helped me in the beginning stages of my pregnancy to be sure my hormones were where they were supposed to be, and helped me feel more comfortable with all the changes going on within me. -C.M.